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An Entry Level Cost-effective Headphone Amplifier

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Last Chance!  EF3 -Brand New. Ship to U.S. Only.  Return or refund in 7 days.No Replacement Warranty


The EF3 is an entry level cost-effective headphone amplifier, representing excellent value. This amplifier utilizes a hybrid design, using 6J1 tubes for its input stage which balances the soft sound, low distortion and high S/N ratio.


As an entry level headphone amplifier of Head-Direct, EF3 enjoys its reputation in the most famous audio forum Head-Fi for the past year or so. Using the renowned AKG K501 and Sennheiser HD580 headphones as design reference, EF3 is not only suitable for the Sennheiser HD580/600/650 family of headphones, which has a 300 Ohm impedance, but is also a suitable match for headphones models with low impedance like common Denon and Grado offerings. The amp has an excellent form factor design, using transparent organic glass as its top panel, and limits the space it takes up. It carries over the best design merits of EF1 and EF5. The EF3 is a hybrid design, using two 6J1 small signal tubes(eqa. 6AK5 in USA or  EF40 in EU)for its input stage and OpAmps(OPA2604) and discrete parts(BJTs)for output , resembling a typical hybrid circuit.

The product has been officially launched for over a year in China, and has relatively matured, retaining a low repair and return rate. The upgraded ALPS potentiometer helps it overcome any channel imbalance issues. Compared to other HIFIMAN products, EF3 is full of features and exhibits the culture and classic sound signature HIFIMAN has become known for. It excels in vocals and mid-range reproduction and harmonics on treble, which allows it to achieve a unique high price/performance ratio at the price of $100.


Input Impedance : 47k

Output Impedance : 32-300 Ohms

Output at 32 Ohm : 3 v, 320 mw

Output at 150 Ohm : 6.2 v, 256

Frequency : 20-20KHz +/- 0.2dB

S/N : 95dB


Tube : China 6J1 * 2 pcs

Input Voltage : 16 v to 18 v; 500 mA

Dimension : 14cm*9.2cm* 5cm


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