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Balanced Amplifier Card

It Makes the for HM901s/901/650/802 Great for Users Who Might Like to Experiment with Powerful Amp Module.

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Balanced Amplifier Card

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The Balanced Amplifier Module was designed with some of the most expensive and high quality parts on the market today. It uses (4) OPA627 OP-AMPS and (4) OPA634 buffers. By using these high quality chips, the listening experience produced by the for HM901s/901/650/802 is second to none. 

This design will work in balanced mode for earphones/headphones with a 3.5mm TRRS or in standard mode for earphones/headphones with a 3.5mm standard jack. This powerful amplifier module will drive some of the most demanding headphones on the market.

Power supply voltage:±8.2v 

Power supply current:±20ma

Maximum balanced output (30R load)    
Low Gain                   High Gain
2.32v(179mw)        3.91v(477mw)
S/N: 112+/-1dB
Frequency response:    20hz-20Khz(-1dB) 

Maximum Normal output (30R load)
Low Gain                             High Gain
1.45v(70mw)                       2.5v(200mw)
S/N:  109+/-3dB
Frequency response:    20hz-20Khz(-1dB)
Output impedance:  1 Ohm

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